Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

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Brand: Electronic Arts


  • Medal of Honor Warfighter puts players in the boots of today's most highly trained and skilled warrior
  • The PC version only supports Windows Vista/7 and DirectX 10 and 11.

Format: CD-ROM

Details: Nearly 13 years ago, the Medal of Honor brand was born with authenticity and respect for the soldier at its core - and that commitment remains to this day. The goal of this game is to put you directly in the boots of the soldier whether it be in World War II or today's war. Every detail from the sound of the weapons to the landscapes of actual locations inspire the complete Medal of Honor experience. The Medal of Honor Warfighter isn't just another first-person shooter - it's a gritty and realistic look at the lives of elite Tier 1 operators, a very small and select group of soldiers. Years of training have made these warriors the best at what they do, and you'll be stepping into their boots to take on some of the most dangerous missions imaginable. Launching grenades, planting C4, and tossing strategic flashbangs are just a few of the options available to these highly-disciplined and precise soldiers. And with a storyline informed by the experiences of over two dozen Tier 1 Operators, you can play through real-world events as told by the men who actually lived them. This game is an up close and personal look at the ongoing battle against global terrorism - one that is still being fought in hot spots around the world. Featuring a continent-hopping campaign, as well as co-op and deep multi-player modes, Medal of Honor Warfighter is an all-new kind of first-person shooter. Medal of Honor Warfighter goes beyond the battlefield and reveals the heartbreaking side of war, told through the eyes of military families. With a story written by Operators from this community, Medal of Honor Warfighter unveils intimate insights into the sacrifices of the warriors on the ground - and their families.

Binding: Video Game

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