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ASUS ROG Keris Ultra Lightweight Wired Gaming Mouse

ASUS ROG Keris Ultra Lightweight Wired Gaming Mouse

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  • ROG MICRO SWITCH - ROG Micro Switch with 70 mil. click lifespan, gold-plated electro-junction for durability. Each switch is carefully inspected, both left/right switches paired to keep force deviation within +/- 5 gram-force for a consistent click feel.
  • ULTIMATE ACCURACY - Every strike is critical. At the heart of ROG Keris Wireless is an optical sensor that’s been specially-tuned by ROG, giving you unerring accuracy and precision to take down the competition.
  • TRI-MODE CONNECTIVITY - ROG Keris Wireless can be connected in one of three ways — via ultrafast 2.4 GHz, energy-efficient Bluetooth LE, or wired USB. Use 2.4 GHz wireless for gaming, and switch to Bluetooth LE for daily tasks.
  • ROG PARACORD - The ROG Keris Wireless includes improved ROG Paracord. Extremely flexible & lightweight, designed to minimize snags and maximize movement. The raised port design provides space between the cable and tabletop, minimizing cable drag and noise
  • ADVANCED POWER SOLUTION - USB Type-C fast charging provides up to 12 hours of gameplay from just a 15-minute charge. Play wirelessly for up to 78 hours with lights off, or up to 56 hours with RGB lighting on*.
  • DPI ON-THE-SCROLL - A unique DPI On-The-Scroll feature lets you easily adjust mouse sensitivity without accessing software. Just press/hold the DPI button then spin the scroll wheel to set the sensitivity level. Cycle through four different DPI levels.
  • ROG OMNI MOUSE FEET - The 100% Teflon (PTFE) mouse feet are rounded and 25% smoother than those found in other gaming mice to ensure an effortless glide across any surface.

Details: ROG Keris Wireless는 세 가지 모드 연결(유선, 2.4GHz RF 또는 Bluetooth® LE)과 특별히 튜닝된 ROG 16,000dpi 센서가 특징인 79g 경량 FPS 무선 게이밍 마우스입니다. 또한 독점 푸시핏 스위치 소켓을 적용한 ROG 마이크로 스위치, 좌/우 PBT 폴리머 버튼, 교체 가능한 사이드 버튼, ROG 옴니 마우스 피트, ROG 파라코드 및 Aura Sync RGB 조명이 특징입니다. ROG Keris Wireless는 7천만 번의 클릭 수명을 갖고 있고 금도금 전기 접합이 적용된 ROG 마이크로 스위치를 특징으로 하여 내구성을 개선하고 수명을 연장합니다. 엄격한 ROG 제조 표준은 각 개별 스위치를 검사 및 분류하도록 하며, 왼쪽 및 오른쪽 스위치가 짝을 이루어 힘의 편차를 +/- 5g 범위 내에서 유지하여 일관된 클릭감을 제공합니다.

Binding: Personal Computers

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