Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 [A000024]
Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 [A000024]
Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 [A000024]
Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 [A000024]

Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 [A000024]

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  • Expansion shield to bring your Arduino board online with simple-yet-reliable communication libraries, supporting TCP and UDP protocols.
  • Rich collection of examples: browse the Internet, make a tiny web server, and send data to a cloud with little coding effort.
  • Use its micro-SD card slot to store sensor information, serve files to 8 simultaneously connected devices, or log traffic.
  • Stackable: other shields can be stacked on top of it adding new functionalities to your projects.
  • No extra power needed, gets it from your Arduino board. It is true plug and play!

PartNumber: A000024

Details: Range of electronic hardware devices and * software (Open Source) with a re-programmable microcontroller, ideal for developing electronics projects both professionally, for education or home users. It allows to connect different input and output components (I / O), Interface that allows to carry out the automation of systems and robotics, as well as control and supply different devices. It can be programmed in Windows as well as macOSx and GNU / Linux. Specifications Stackable interface to connect an Arduino board to an Ethernet or Internet network. It has a standard RJ45 connector for network cable connection. Based on Wiznet W5500 Ethernet chipset. Ethernet connectivity: 10/100 Mbps. Connection to Arduino through SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface). Input voltage: 5V. Operating voltage: 3.3 or 5V. It has a Micro-SD slot, for file storage to serve over Ethernet. Compatible with IEEE802.3af PoE (Power Over Ethernet) standard. Requires Arduino board (not included). Dimensions: 58 x 30 x 75 mm (width x height x depth). .

EAN: 7630049200364

Model: A000024

Item Condition: New

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