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The Artsee Studio Adventure

Let your kids be taken on an interactive journey of color, sound, and motion. ArtSee Studio is a visual and innovative drawing kit, which can transform simple drawings and paintings on the iPad into animated games and activities, leaving your kids longing for more. Using the wide range of interactive ArtSee tools, kids can quickly turn a blank canvas into an explosion of the color, sound, movement, games, and activities. The creativity is endless!

Stamps, Stylus, or Fingers Make it Fun for All Ages

Artsee Studio allows kids to create beyond the boundaries of traditional art while protecting an iPad. The interactive stamps make patterns, animation, music, and special effects. Use the tactile stylus as a pencil, crayon, marker, or paint brush, and then try turning it on its side to make textures and visual effects. From Stampee, to Rollee, kids will love being able to use the tools to turn their simple drawings into interactive masterpieces. Note that they snap into place so they don’t get lost.

Artsee Tools
  • (Doodlee - The Stylus) Doodlee is the tool to use for drawing lines, adding color, and even adding texture. With multiple brushes, colors, and sizes, Doodlee is the ultimate drawing tool.
  • (Stampee - The Stamp Tool) Whether on a safari or underwater, Stampee makes it easy to add your favorite ArtSee characters and objects to your canvas. Simply select the size you want, choose your color, and instantly add life to your creation.
  • (Melodee - The Sound Tool) Stampee gives you ArtSee characters, Rollee gives you the texture, and Melodee brings you sound. Use Melodee to interact with your ArtSee masterpiece by making it into an audible story. Hear the lion roar or the plane soar.
  • (Pointee - The Animation Tool) Make your ArtSee characters run across your screen or jump into the air. Use Pointee to map your path and watch as your masterpiece comes to life like a miniature cartoon.
  • (Rollee - The Roller Tool) Give your artwork some texture with Rollee. Rollee makes it easy to add background art, textures and special effects to your drawing. Put Rollee to your canvas and watch as your imagination unfolds before your eyes.
  • (Funnee - The Game Tool) Funnee is the tool to use when you want to easily change themes in ArtSee Studio. Just tap Funnee to the iPad and a special menu opens. Select a theme and watch the collection of stamps and rollers change before your eyes.


The magical ArtSee adventure begins by securing the iPad 1, iPad 2 or iPad 3 into the protective ArtSee iPad case. The free application is available for download in the Appstore.


Start off your magical Artsee adventure with the choice of a theme. Each theme comes with its own stamps, rollers and animations. Go on a wild safari to Africa, or swim with sharks, and if the wildlife is too much for you, go back to the city and walk the concrete jungles instead.

Side Selector

Whether you're using the pen or the roller, you have an array of options to choose from. Alternate between a brush, a marker, a spray can, or change the texture of your picture with the side of the pen. Kids love the multitude of options that the side selector offers.

Color Pallet

The ArtSee Studio color palate offers an assortment of 40 colors. If you can't choose your favorite then mix them all in one go. The rainbow option will give color to your canvas in one easy tap.

Activities and Games

ArtSee Studio is packed with activities and games. Mazes, symmetry, matching, and memory games will enhance your child's cognitive development as well as their drawing skills.

Parent Menu

In the Main Menu, pressing the three buttons located at the bottom of the screen for two seconds unlocks the Parental Menu. The Parental Menu allows you to access parental controls and safety guards, add more themes, and share your child's latest artwork via Facebook, Twitter, or print.


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